Borden-Carleton as a tourist destination: Your comments

A hotel close to the beach, an old ferry transformed into a restaurant and boat tours under the Confederation Bridge.

Those are just three of the ideas readers of CBC PEI’s Facebook page came up with when asked how they would make Borden-Carleton more of a tourist destination.


Bike shop by the trail

A bike shop would also be a good fit for the area, said Mark Hickox. “The Confederation Trail spur goes there, why not set up a bike shop (with repair services) and let folks rent bikes for a day?”

But if the area is looking for feedback, Alexander MacKay thinks an old idea is still a good idea.

“Why not ask people when they leave, like they used to do when the boat was there? Exit surveys are a great opportunity to learn from others. Give them some free oysters if they answer.”

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