Riding with Megan Griffiths aka @megs_braap – Canada Moto Guide

By Zac Kurylyk -September 1, 20204399

Photo: Applehead Studios

(Registration for Saturday’s enduro skills clinic starts at 8:30 AM. I have to drive an hour and a half to get to Riverglade Motocross Park; I get there 15 minutes early, but several keeners beat me to the punch. The parking lot is filled with pickups unloading dirt bikes. I walk over to the registration table where Megan Griffiths is working alone. During sign-in, riders want selfies with the day’s instructor. That’s something I’ve never seen at any riding course before).

Megan demonstrates slow speed bike control. Photo: Applehead Studios

The best-known Canadian off-road rider right now isn’t a motocrosser, or an enduro racer, or a Dakar rider. It’s Megan Griffiths, from British Columbia. She’s raced in the past, but now, she’s far better known for her YouTube and Instagram channels, where she posts content under the name @megs_braap. In fact, she might be the best-known Canadian motorcyclist, period.

Griffiths started uploading just-for-fun videos around 2012, but around 2015, she changed her focus towards rider education. Now, the channel has a mix of instructional videos, and first-person riding footage. When she isn’t making those videos, Griffiths is teaching in-person riding clinics, or just out riding for fun.

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