Vandals Tarnish Promising Year For ATV Association – Steinbach

Photo credit: Eastman ATV Association

Category: Local News Published: Wednesday, 09 September 2020 05:34 Written by Shannon Dueck

photo – Eastman ATV Association

The President of Eastman ATV Association says he can not understand why someone would choose to vandalize their property.

Don Eidse is referring to what happened at one of their rest areas near Woodridge. Eidse explains the Association went to the trouble of setting up a picnic table there in order for riders to have a place to enjoy their lunch, while out riding. He notes this was done by volunteers. But then, late last month, the picnic table was destroyed by vandals.

“If they can’t steal it, destroy it,” says Eidse. “That seems to be what has happened.”

According to Eidse, this certainly is not the first time their property has been vandalized. He notes from time to time their trail signs will be damaged. Eidse says the signage allows riders to travel from Woodridge up to their staging area near the Trans Canada Highway.

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