An Ontario Trails/Frank Cowan Company Webinar – “Covid-19 Research on Trails and Outdoor Recreation: What We’ve Learned so Far”

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As we all deal with aspects of COVID-19, an understanding of its impacts on trails and trail use should help all of us plan and manage our trails throughout this pandemic.

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We have another webinar on October 22 – Greenway Trail Networks – Combining Recreation and Nature.


Toronto explorer successfully kayaks the length of Lake Ontario in 20 days

Mario Rigby has also trekked across Africa on foot and kayak and cycled across Canada

Ania Bessonov · CBC News · Posted: Aug 09, 2020

Toronto explorer Mario Rigby successfully wrapped up a 20-day trip on Thursday kayaking the length of Lake Ontario.

“Every year I try to do a big challenge,” said Rigby, who has an extraordinary resumé of adventures he’s done, including cycling across Canada from B.C. to Newfoundland and crossing Africa, from South Africa to Egypt, by foot and kayak.

“I want[ed] to kayak all of the Great Lakes, but I didn’t have the timeline,” he explained. So he opted for Lake Ontario. “It’s local, it’s home, and I [thought I could] probably do it in less than a month.”

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Looking for something to do around Midland this summer? Here are five family-friendly activities –

Looking for something to do around Midland this summer? Here are five family-friendly activities

1. Grab an ice cream cone at the Dockside Ice Cream Hut — Enjoy a delicious ice cream come at the Dockside Ice Cream Hut, located adjacent to the Boathouse Eatery at the Midland town dock. The hut is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

2. Spend some time at Midland’s Little Lake Park — This expansive picturesque park in the centre of town is built around a manmade lake. The park has a large beach, picnic shelters, a pavilion, several ball diamonds, a beach volleyball court, washrooms and Tony’s Restaurant.

3. Cycle or walk the Great Trail — Previously known as the Trans Canada Trail, the Great Trail runs through Tay Township, Midland and Penetanguishene. The trail runs along the shores of Georgian Bay and offers a variety of scenic lookouts onto the bay.

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Cyclists find physical distance heaven at Hardwood –

This summer, local mountain bike riders are missing one of their favourite weekly events – the popular Wednesday Night Bike Race series – which has taken place at Hardwood Ski and Bike in Oro-Medonte for the past 25 years.

“This is the first time we’ve had to cancel,” said Arienne Strong, program manager at Hardwood, which is located north of Barrie on Old Barrie Road. “Cancellation of this event is especially tough because the series is like having a family reunion every week – kids, families, competitive team members – everyone comes together for the races. It’s exciting and fun and something we all look forward to so much.”

The decision to cancel this year’s series, which involves an average of 180 riders at each of the events held over the 18-week season, was made in May as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and an announcement by Cycling Canada and the Ontario Cycling Association to cancel all events up until August 2020.