Attracting wildlife, developing trails part of property management in rural Thunder Bay – CBC

If you have a few hectares of rural property, but really don’t know what to do with it, Jeremy Innanen has a solution.

Innanen, who owns Innanen Outdoors, said he saw a need to give landowners some help with trail development, creating habitat, or growing food for horses and livestock.

“A lot of people own semi-rural properties and own chunks of land that really do fully enjoy having that property. So, giving them all the tools and the knowledge to help them, provide them with their property dreams,” he said.

Innanen said the idea of tailoring a property to attract specific animals, like white tailed deer, is more popular in southern Ontario or the midwest U.S.

“Your property gets utilized at different times of the year regarding travel of animals and the reason why they use those areas,” he said, noting that after a site visit, he could have a decent idea of where and why particular species would use a particular piece of land.

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From Bill Goulding of Sustainable Trails Inc.

On Wednesday our crew placed the bridge beams across the Crow Gulch waterfall – 30 feet high – on the Gros Morne Mountain trail. We constructed false work or scaffolding so that we could use a smaller (and much cheaper alternative for the Park) helicopter. The bridge is 72 feet long. By the end of the week we will be driving our machines across. Note that the photo was taken from the top of the waterfall.