Membership Categories – choose the one for you!

Partnering with the Canadian Trails Federation is just the beginning. By partnering with us you are showing Canada and the world you are a trails leader! Everyday our committed group makes a difference in trails. To do more, we need your support.

National Organization Member $400  – for national organizations involved in trails , looking to influence the direction, number and public support for trails or trail activity.

Provincial & Territorial Organization Member $200 – for organizations that have strong provincial or territorial influence, who want to be part of a national organization looking to make the delivery of trails easier in your area.

Regional Organization Member $75 – supporters on a regional level, like Ontario‘s Bruce Trail, who are looking to have a say in national trail affairs.

Individual Member $50 – enthusiasts! You want to be a trail builder, in your town and 1,000 kilometers away. This category is for you!



Call on one of our dedicated volunteers to find out about how we have enabled trails in your part of Canada!


Patrick Connor- Director & President Ontario Trails Council
John Cushing – Past President Individual Member
Dennis Webb- Director & Treasurer Outdoor Recreation Council of BC & Individual Member
Holly Woodill – Director Nova Scotia Trails Federation
Cathy Schaap – Director Prince Edward Island Trails Inc.
Rebecca Breen – Director New Brunswick Trails Council
Wayne Daub – Director All Terrain Quad Council of Canada
Saul Lipton – Director Saskatchewan Trails Association
Linda Strong Watson – Director & Secretary Alberta TrailNet Society
Loren Winnick – Director Alberta TrailNet Society
Anne Morgan – Director Recreation & Parks Association of the Yukon
Jamie Warren – Director Newfoundland T’Railway Council


All Terrain Quad Council of Canada Wayne Daub- General Manager
Jack De Wit, President Canadian Horse and Rider Association
Motor Cyclists Confederation of Canada Francois Cominardi
International Mountain Bicycling Association, Canada AJ Strawson- Executive Director


Nova Scotia Trails Federation Holly Woodill- President
Newfoundland T’Railway Council Jamie Warren- Director
New Brunswick Trails Council Poul Jorgensen- Executive Director
Prince Edward Island Trails Inc. Cathy Schaap- Director
Conseil quebecois du loisir Sonia Vaillancourt- Directrice au developpement
Ontario Trails Council Patrick Connor- Executive Director
Trails Manitoba Steve Demmings- Executive Director
Saskatchewan Trails Association Pat Rediger- Executive Director
Alberta TrailNet Society Linda Strong Watson- Executive Director
Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C. Jeremy McCall- Executive Director,
Hike BC Pat Harrison- President
Horse Council BC Sharon Pickthorne
Recreation & Parks Association of the Yukon Anne Morgan- Executive Director
North West Territories Recreation & Parks Association Geoff Ray- Executive Director


John Cushing Individual
Dennis Webb Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, Quad Riders ATV Association of BC,