Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon

About Us

The Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY) is a non-profit society dedicated to empowering Yukon people and communities to adopt active, healthy lifestyles. RPAY works collaboratively with organizations and communities creating environments, which encourage recreation and parks opportunities for all Yukoners. The organization’s extensive programs and services are supported by its territorial, Northern, and national multi-sectoral partnerships with groups, communities and governments.

Our Vision:
RPAY envisions a Yukon where recreation and parks are essential and integral to the quality of life and well-being of Yukon residents and communities; where all citizens have opportunities to engage in recreation experiences which contribute to physical, emotional and social well-being; and where recreation connects people to their communities and environments.

Our Mission:
RPAY empowers communities to support Yukoners to lead an active, healthy lifestyle through recreation and parks.

RPAY’s Strategic Goals

Goal #1: We promote a healthier Yukon through active living, parks and recreation.

Goal #2: We strengthen community recreation by supporting opportunities for learning and development of recreation practitioners, community leaders and volunteers across the Yukon.

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Goal #3: We support accessible and affordable opportunities for Yukoners to be active through community-based recreation and parks initiatives, programs and services.

Goal #4: We operate effectively and efficiently using sound business practices and partnerships to foster sustainability.

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