Trails Manitoba

MRTA_logo_vertTrails Manitoba / Sentiers Manitoba is the official body overseeing the coordination of the building of the Trans Canada Trail in the province. Trails Manitoba is governed by a volunteer board, currently consisting of eleven people, including three regional representatives. It is a governing and overseeing body providing management and direction for trail development being undertaken by 21 regional trail associations, with a total of over 100 volunteers. Trails Manitoba has in-office staff consisting of  the Executive Director, Trail Promotion/Fund Development Officer and Office Administrator. Through the Province of Manitoba, Healthy Living and Healthy Populations branch, a Provincial Trails Consultant works closely with Trails Manitoba.



Vice-President: Marissa Zurba
Secretary: Gwen Coolidge
Treasurer: Shirley Hurst


Ian Hughes, Wayne Arseny, Joy Auriat, Brent Buss, Verna Hare, Sean Michaels, Howard Skrypnk, Charles Zant

Provincial Trails Consultant: Ann Marie Hayek


Executive Director: Chris Hall
Office Administrator/Bookkeeper: Janette Crawford 
Trail Promotion/Fund Development Officer: Dawn Huck

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